Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Our business strategy to work with oilfield and industrial companies to build tailored solutions for our customers tackling the full range of strategic and competitive challenges they face.

In fact, we believe Service Excellence will form the cornerstone strategy of our success in relationship with our clients.

Through service excellence, we can continue not only to satisfy our customers, but to win new ones, building our reputation by providing products that consistently perform to a level that exceeds our customers’ expectations, which is why we committed to supply of the product within the borders of the country and even to deliver to the work sites.

With Growth in developing markets and demand quickening in chemical products is keys to build exclusivity with the chemicals producers is a new way to grow.

Looking to the margin from new branch openings at the high potential- low end of the cost markets such as Sudan exacerbates our challenge, as we strongly targeting to meet earnings expectations.

Safety The key word to our philosophy at HAL Chemicals is safety. Our own staff works in facilities that surpass existing H&S standards, while our clients and product users are protected too.